Glenn Malpass, 1st Dan

Glenn started practising Goju Ryu aged 14 in Canvey Island and later studied judo. At the University of Westminster, he met Sensei Gavin Mulholland and was able to explore Goju in a much deeper way.  

“Training was always meaningful, hard, and developed spirit. It focused on how the traditional Kata and the Bunkai developed the base of a true self defence in a modern world. I learnt the biomechanics of how traditional Goju techniques developed power. The skills I learnt have augmented the physical techniques and power generation in every other sport I still play today. It also gave me the mental fortitude to look at resolving issues that can occur in everyday life. The training also helped enhance my abilities to focus on the goals I want to achieve in life and in my teaching profession.”

Glenn attained his black belt Shodan-Ho in 1998, however after moving to Oxford, he only managed to train periodically… until re-established contact during online lockdown sessions and grading to full Shodan at DKK summer camp 2021.