Catherine Sandwell, 2nd Dan

Catherine began training at a Shotokan karate club at the age of 12, but later switched to a Goju-Ryu club where she was immediately taken by the more intense and practical style. She earned her first black belt with that club when she was 18. She moved to London for university and tried out various other martial arts before finding DKK in the final year of her studies.

“Of all the places I’ve trained, nowhere else have I been surrounded by so many people who work so hard to push each other past what they thought were their limits and then way beyond. Karate might be an individual sport, but camaraderie is so important and I never really appreciated that until I trained with DKK. The energy and atmosphere at Summer School are what makes it my favourite weekend of the year and I am so proud to wear the badge I have earned in the company of my DKK family.”

Catherine attended her first DKK Summer School in 2011 shortly before moving to Switzerland. After a couple of years working there, she returned to London to train with the club again. In 2015 she badged over to DKK Shodan-Ho and achieved Shodan in 2016. Catherine completed her 30 man Kumite and Nidan (2nd Dan) grading in summer 2019.


Yondan 4th Dan

Sandan 3rd Dan

Nidan 2nd Dan

Shodan 1st Dan