Marianette Violeta, 2nd Dan

"I started karate in 2000 for fitness purposes after having my 3rd child and because I always wanted to do some sort of martial art. After obtaining my 1st Dan in combined Shotokan and Goju, I craved for more and started looking for club that would challenge me. I did taekwondo, Wing Chun and kickboxing but karate has always been my forte.

After my first introduction with DKK, I was dumbfounded and electrified by the way Shihan Gavin teaches and his elaboration of combative karate and its application. Since joining DKK I have improved so much – to something I couldn't possibly imagine – and I’m still learning more. DKK has taught me so much about myself, my life and my indomitable spirit, where my perseverance and integrity is tested every time.”

Marianette was badged to Shodan ho at Summer Camp 2015 and graded to full Shodan in 2016. In 2019, she complete her 30 man Kumite test and achieved the rank of Nidan (2nd Dan) with DKK.


Yondan 4th Dan

Sandan 3rd Dan

Nidan 2nd Dan

Shodan 1st Dan