Sensei Goran Powell, 6th Dan

Goran PowellGoran began training in Judo in 1972 and took up Shotokan karate in 1984. A year later he switched to Kyokushinkai, training in England and Spain and competing in the full-contact Knockdown. After two years of Taekwondo, he began studying Japanese Goju-Ryu under Shihan Chris Rowen, achieving the rank of Sandan before joining Daigaku Karate Kai in 1999.

Goran was awarded the coveted DKK Badge in 2000 and completed the 30 Man Kumite in 2002. His test was documented in Traditional Karate magazine, (Vol 16, No 12, Vol 17, No 1). This gave rise to his best-selling books Waking Dragons' published by Summersdale in 2006 and now in its second edition. Goran's first novel 'A Sudden Dawn' was published by YMAA and won Best Historical Fiction in the USA Book News Awards 2010.

In April 2006 Goran achieved the rank of Yondan (4th Dan) after demonstrating skill and proficiency in traditional kobudo weaponry, knife-defense and escrima stick-fighting. In 2013 he achieved the rank of Godan (5th Dan) and in 2021 he was awarded the rank of 6th Dan. He continues to teach and train regularly at DKK London.