Michael Cawley, 2nd Dan

Michael trained briefly in karate and taekwondo whilst at primary and middle school in New Zealand. In sixth form he joined Zen Do Kai, a free-style martial art descended from Goju-Ryu, and trained there until he moved to the UK. Wanting to learn more about the original Goju-Ryu system, he joined DKK when he arrived in London in 2012.

“I’m grateful to have found DKK and to have the privilege of training here. There’s a wealth of knowledge and ability in the club, which is a testament both to the instructors and to the students they have taught. I haven’t yet walked (or limped) from a session thinking that I hadn’t learnt something new. Karate is often compared unfavourably to MMA and modern reality-based fighting systems. Training with DKK has shown me that traditional karate has been widely misunderstood, and that it has a depth and effectiveness beyond anything I expected.”

Michael joined DKK in 2012. He was awarded the rank of Shodan-Ho, and the DKK badge, at Summer Camp 2013. He was awarded the rank of Shodan at Summer Camp 2014 and completed his 30 Man Kumite and Nidan grading in 2017.


Yondan 4th Dan

Sandan 3rd Dan

Nidan 2nd Dan

Shodan 1st Dan