Waking Dragons by Goran Powell

Waking Dragons Book cover 

A martial artist faces his ultimate test

With a foreword by Geoff Thompson


It inspired me, and I know it will inspire you
Geoff Thompson

The author's journey is one in which
we can find great wisdom
Lawrence Kane

Impossible to put down
Traditional Karate Magazine

One of those rare books you want to keep reading
because it’s so good, but fear reaching the end
because then it will be over
Richard Revell, Waterstones

An exciting and tense read with lots of action
Martial Arts Magazine

I looked at the huge line of fighters still to come. It coiled around three sides of the mat like some great white dragon waiting to devour me, and suddenly the task ahead seemed impossible.

The Thirty Man Kumite is one of karate's toughest tests, reserved for senior black belts with years of experience. One person fights a line-up of thirty fighters, one after another, full contact, moving up the grades and facing the strongest, most dangerous fighters last.

Waking Dragons is a compelling account of the Thirty Man Kumite and the lifetime of martial arts that led to it, charting the development of mind, body and spirit over many years and offering an insight into the true purpose of the martial arts.

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