Every Waking Moment by Goran Powell


Goran Powell has taken the craft of writing and storytelling and made it art. This book is an easy read, engaging and utterly seamless. And then it is not an easy read. The material will challenge you.

 Kris Wilder, The Way of Kata

 Frankly it’s worth reading simply for the storytelling alone, but deep insight in to learning, teaching, and coaching karateka is invaluable regardless of what style you practice. Very highly recommended!

Lawrence Kane, The Little Black Book of Violence

 I know of no other test that pushes people as far as the Thirty Man Kumite and I know of no other book that can prepare you to face such a test quite like this one.

 Gavin Mulholland, Four Shades of Black

Since recording his own Thirty Man Kumite in his first book ‘Waking Dragons’ Goran has coached many fighters through DKK karate’s toughest test. Fighting as Fight No. 30 at the end of the line, he also got a unique insight into the effectiveness of his own methods. Every Waking Moment goes deep into the mental, physical and spiritual training required to face thirty hardened fighters, with chapters on advanced concepts like Chi, Yin, Yang and Tao, martial principles and strategy from The Art of War. With a foreword by Gavin Mulholland and insights from successful fighters, the lessons of Every Waking Moment reach far beyond the Thirty Man Kumite to all aspects of karate and life outside the dojo walls.

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