A Sudden Dawn by Goran Powell


The book martial artists have been
waiting 2000 years for

Chris Crudelli 

Destined to become an epic tale
of the warrior's journey
Patrick McCarthy

Inspirational, beautifully written, I loved it
Geoff Thompson 

Weaves fact and fiction to produce
a powerhouse of a page turner

Iain Abernethy

As good as James Clavell’s Shogun
Lawrence Kane

Superbly crafted characters,
surges with action

Loren W. Christensen

The life of Bodhidharma has given rise to countless myths and legends, ‘A Sudden Dawn’ is one version of his story. Born to the warrior caste, he gives up a promising future as a soldier to become a monk and seek enlightenment. After many years of searching in vain, he becomes enlightened in a single moment. 

Bodhidharma accepts a mission to China to spread the Buddha's teachings. On the way he meets an unlikely disciple, a Chinese fugitive named Ko. Together they venture to Emperor’s palace in Nanjing and beyond to a temple in the mountains called Shaolin.  But there are powerful forces at work to destroy the Indian master, and Ko’s violent past catches up with him outside the temple gates, where a deadly reckoning takes place.


Winner: USA Book News, Historical Fiction 2010 
Gold: eLit Awards 2011
Gold: IP LivingNow Awards 2011

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