Matryoshka by Goran Powell


The author's knowledge of combat skills 
shines through
Gary Chamberlain

I can't help feeling Goran must have lived
(impossible) in all the cities and times he
sets Matryoshka in to bring them to life
in the way he does
Stuart Williams

The author's intimate understanding of combat
makes the scenes so vivd it's like watching
a Hollywood action movie
Simon Clinch

With the depth and intrigue of Homeland
and set with a cold war background
Tim Clark

An engrossing action thriller from cover to cover,
I couldn't put it down
Mike Thornton

The deadly arts of Soviet special forces are not lost, they have adapted to the new world order. Eva was once a soldier of the Cold War trained in seduction and espionage, aMatryoshka (Russian Doll). Today she is an art dealer in London but beneath the outer shell the Matryoshka is still at work.

When an operation goes wrong she is traced by a ghost from her past, her martial arts instructor Vasili Dimitriev. Dimitriev is hunting a traitor at large in Moscow. But the traitor has sent an Alpha team to silence them both. As British police and the CIA close in, Eva and Vasili must work together in the deadliest game of all, where trust is a weakness and love is a weapon.

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