Chojun by Goran Powell


Riveting… Very highly recommended!
Lawrence A. Kane

Remarkable, it’s that good!
Kris Wilder

Goran Powell has a marvelous way of capturing
the tone of Asian storytelling
Loren W Christensen

Covers the relationship between student 
and Sensei beautifully
Nick Hughes

An exciting next-step in the evolution 
of how karate’s history is told
Mike Clarke

A typhoon brings the renowned karate master Chojun Miyagi into the life of young Kenichi Ota, who must prove himself before he can enter the master’s inner circle. As once-peaceful Okinawa prepares for war, master and student venture to China in search of the deepest meaning of karate.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the tides of war turn against Japan and an American invasion fleet approaches Okinawa. Kenichi is conscripted as a runner for the Japanese general staff and finds himself in the epicenter of the Battle of Okinawa. In the aftermath, he must fight again to rebuild the shattered hopes of his people and to preserve his master’s art of karate.


Shortlisted: Eric Hoffer Grand Award 2013
Silver: Historical Fiction, Benjamin Franklin, 2013
Bronze: eLit Awards 2013
Finalist: Book of the Year, ForeWord Magazine 2013
Finalist: International Book Award 2013

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