Mizuki Murai, 1st Dan

Mizuki began training in 2006 under Sensei Lewis at DKK Bristol when she started her studies at the University of Bristol. She moved to London a few years later where she has since been training with DKK London.

“Having come from a background in ballet, I wanted to try something completely different when I moved to Bristol, and DKK has been a fundamental part of my life ever since. The breadth of the Goju Ryu system is captivating, and the depth to which we study the art in this club fascinates me. I am constantly inspired by the level of knowledge, dedication and self-disciple demonstrated by sensei and the spirit shown by every single member of the club.” 

Mizuki graded to Shodan Ho at Summer Camp 2010. She returned to London after spending a couple of years abroad and graded to full Shodan at Summer Camp 2014.



Sandan 3rd Dan

Nidan 2nd Dan

Shodan 1st Dan