Michael Cawley, 1st Dan

Michael trained briefly in karate and taekwondo whilst at primary and middle school in New Zealand. In sixth form he joined Zen Do Kai, a free-style martial art descended from Goju-Ryu, and trained there until he moved to the UK. Wanting to learn more about the original Goju-Ryu system, he joined DKK when he arrived in London in 2012.

“I’m grateful to have found DKK and to have the privilege of training here. There’s a wealth of knowledge and ability in the club, which is a testament both to the instructors and to the students they have taught. I haven’t yet walked (or limped) from a session thinking that I hadn’t learnt something new. Karate is often compared unfavourably to MMA and modern reality-based fighting systems. Training with DKK has shown me that traditional karate has been widely misunderstood, and that it has a depth and effectiveness beyond anything I expected.”

Michael joined DKK in 2012. He was awarded the rank of Shodan-Ho, and the DKK badge, at Summer Camp 2013. He was awarded the rank of Shodan at Summer Camp 2014.


Sandan 3rd Dan

Nidan 2nd Dan

Shodan 1st Dan