Goju Ryu high kick

Middle right block - Dom

Who can train?
Classes are open to all adults over 18. The club has many female members at every level.

Do I need any experience?
No, beginners are welcome.

Can I join from another style?
Yes. The things you learned from another style are always valuable. Your grade will be assessed after you have trained with us for some time. Highly rank practitioners from other styles are sometimes invited to cross-grade after an appropriate period.

Do I need to be fit?
No, but it helps! Your fitness will develop during training.

Do I need to wear a gi (karate suit?)
You can train for a few weeks in loose fitting sports clothing, but you will need to buy a gi if you decide to join and grade.

What are the class fees?
Please contact us for details of current fees.

When can I take a grading?
That will be wholly dependent upon your ability and dedication to training. Gradings are held every quarter and you will be expected to grade at the appropriate time.

Is DKK karate good for self-defense?
Yes, our style of karate is tried and tested by many professionals in the security industry.

Do you practise sport karate?
We do not take part in semi-contact or kata tournaments, however some of our members choose to compete in Mixed Martial Arts (Cage Fighting) under the banner of DKK Fighters. This is entirely optional and there is absolutely no pressure to compete. We do however have regular club outings to support those who do choose to test themselves in this way.